XStream Cray CS-Storm GPU compute cluster

The Stanford Research Computing Facility (SRCF) is home of an exciting new computational cluster, thanks to a National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation grant awarded to Stanford principal investigator (PI) Todd Martinez (Chemistry/PULSE Institute) and co-PIs Tom Abel (Physics/KIPAC), Margot Gerritsen (ICME/Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences) and Vijay Pande (Chemistry). Additional faculty participating on the grant were from the Schools of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences; Engineering; Humanities & Sciences; and Medicine.

Please use the following text when acknowledging use of the XStream cluster: This work used the XStream computational resource, supported by the National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation program (ACI-1429830).

XStream features
Compute power 1.0 Petaflops of 8 x NVIDIA Tesla K80 compute nodes
Interconnect Non-blocking FDR Infiniband
Parallel filesystem 22 GB/s / 1.4 PB of Lustre storage (usable)

XStream is a GPU cluster: before using it, please ensure that your codes are making heavily use of GPUs and not CPUs.


XStream is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Read more about XStream’s specs in Tech specs

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