XStream requires Kerberos for authentication security. We do not allow you to log on using any other method. Kerberos software needs to be installed and configured for Stanford on your client. For Windows and Mac systems, the software is available from Stanford Essential Software.

Kerberos on Linux

On Linux, you will need the kinit command and configure Kerberos to work with Stanford.

If you don’t already have the kinit command available, software installation will require root; if you don’t have root you could probably install the software in your home directory but that is not covered here. To install needed Kerberos client software:

  • RHEL, CentOS, Fedora or Scientific Linux:
$ yum install krb5-workstation
  • Ubuntu, Debian:
$ apt-get install krb5-user

Kerberos client configuration is done through the file /etc/krb5.conf. Stanford krb5.conf is available online, you can get it using the following command:

$ sudo curl -o /etc/krb5.conf

Kerberos on Mac

On Mac OS X, kinit is available by default. If you have admin priviledges on your Mac, install the Stanford /etc/krb5.conf using the Terminal:

$ sudo curl -o /etc/krb5.conf

Getting a Kerberos ticket

On Linux or Mac, to get a valid Stanford Kerberos ticket, use the following command and enter your SUNetID password:

$ kinit

Your Kerberos ticket is valid for 25h. At any time, you may check that it is still valid using the klist command.

To destroy your Kerberos ticket and thus remove your credentials, run kdestroy.